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How to search for your Textbook

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Advanced Searching:

You can use these terms to help you with a textbook search in our database. The term brs=7818 tells the database to look in our textbook collection. So you can:

Title: type brs=7818 AND "Title of your textbook"

for example: brs=7818 AND 21st Century Chemistry

Course Name and Number: type brs=7818 AND "Class name and number"

for example: brs=7818 AND CHEM 1405​

Instructor:  type brs=7818 AND "Name of your teacher"

for example: brs=7818 AND C. Miller


The Library has a Textbook Collection.  All of the textbooks are available for in library use only for three hours at a time.  This collection is intended to give students access to their textbooks when they are short of funds or when there has been a national disaster as in "Harvey or Ike".  If you can't find your textbook in our collection, please fill out this textbook request form and we will see if we can order if for you.  We only try to purchase books which cost over $100 and are used courses with multiple sections.  

What is an Open Textbook


An open textbook is a textbook licensed under an open copyright license, and made available online to be freely used by students, teachers and members of the public. Many open textbooks are distributed in either print, e-book, or audio formats that may be downloaded or purchased at little or no cost.  

From Wikipedia on September 7, 2017