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ENGL 1301 - Sallee - Careers: Learn More About a Career

Learn More About a Career

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Find articles about a career

Diego Rivera's Mural, Detroit

DIEGO RIVERA: DETROIT. - Large detail of Diego Rivera's mural, depicting the American automobile industry at The Detroit Institute of Arts, 1932-1933.  Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.  Accessed 17 Mar 2020.

Job Requirements & Working Conditions

Salary Information

Find books about careers

Try searching the library catalog using some of the following search terms, or click directly on one of the links below:

If you already have an idea which field you're  interested in, string together search terms including your career with "Vocational guidance: like this:

To limit your search to ONLY e-books, change the format field on the search page to "E-books."  It looks like this:

Choosing a career

What criteria should you use to decide on a career?

  • Working conditions:  do they match the kind of life you want to live?
    • What are the hours?
    • How long are the workweeks?
    • Will you get benefits or time off?
    • What are the physical requirements of the job?
    • What is the usual pay?
    • How stressful will it be?
  • How stable is the industry?  Is it expected to expand or contract in the future?
  • Are there jobs available in your community, or will you have to move?
  • What type of education is required?
  • What kind of tasks can you expect to spend your day doing?

Career Aptitude Tests

Learn about careers first-hand

Cambridge Q&A Professional Advice Videos: Includes over 200 videos of people in various careers describing their jobs.  

Off-campus users will need to log in with their Lee College IDs.

Screen shot of Films on Demand videos

Contact a Librarian

Finding a Job

Job Listing Sites

In addition to the job search sites listed below, try to identify:

  • Job banks that are specific to your industry
  • Human Resources webpages of reputable companies in your industry

Image of an Apply Now button on a computer screen

Lee College Job Search Resources

Industry projections

MLA Citation Help

Style Guides

Online Citation Help

Online Citation Generators

MS Word:  After you open your Word document, use the "References" tab to access their citation builder.  Includes MLA, APA, and Chicago, among others.

Lee College Writing Center

The Lee College Writing Center is still open and ready to assist students with ANY type of academic writing.  All assistance will be provided by phone or via Internet until the campus re-opens.

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Printable Citation Guides

The following handouts were created by the Lee College Writing Center.

MLA format: