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SPCH - Ganakos: Persuasive

Persuasive Resources

The resources on this page will help you find articles that you can use to prepare persuasive speeches.  In persuasive speeches, the speaker is expected to take a position on an issue.  Remember that it is helpful to also understand arguments that oppose your viewpoint as well.

Viewpoints on controversial issues from Lee College Databases

Reliable websites for researching controversial issues


OneSearch allows you to search most of the library's resources simultaneously.  Because you are looking through a huge number of resources all at one time (literally millions of articles!), your search will probably have to be very specific in order to find usable articles.

Access OneSearch either:

This is where your background research comes in.  Unless your topic is very specific, you will most likely need to search using the mutiple terms, such as:

[Title of Movie] + [Director's name] --> The Farewell and Lulu Wang

[Topic] + [Time period, geographic location] --> Ethics  and Ancient Greece

Alternatively, you can use the limiters on the OneSearch search page to narrow your search.  Example: 

[Your Topic] + [use E-books as a limiter] --> Hermeneutics + [now go down the search page until you find the fields to enter dates, then check the box by "ebooks"]

Fact-checking Websites

It is a good idea to research your issue on more than one of these websites to double check for reliability and bias!