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Getting Started with Prezi

Using PowerPoint with Prezi

Types of Prezi accounts

Public: Prezi Public accounts are free for use, and require no annual fee. Each Public account is limited to 100MB of presentation storage space. You will not be able to make your prezis private. They will be publically viewable, searchable and reusable. Public users also have access to the Prezi offline player software, subject to the end user license agreement associated with that software.

EDU Enjoy: This account features 4 GB of presentation storage space. Users also have access to the Prezi offline player, subject to the end user license agreement associated with that player. This account is free for anyone with valid education credentials.

EDU Pro: This account features unlimited presentation storage space. Prezi Pro users also have access to the Prezi Desktop software (subject to the end user license agreement associated with that software) to allow for the creation and viewing of Prezi presentations offline, and image editing tools. Must have valid educational credentials. This account is available for $4.92 per month.

For more information on these accounts please visit Prezi.

Subject Guide

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How do I add audio to a Prezi?

You can insert audio in prezis in MP3, M4A, FLAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, AAC, MP4, and 3GP format. Follow the link below to see how.

What types of video files does Prezi let you use?

You can insert the following video file formats to Prezi: FLV, F4V, AVI, MOV, WMV, F4V, MPG, MPEG, MP4, M4V, 3GP. Follow the link below to see how to use these different formats with your Prezi.

Getting started

Getting Started

Log In

Visit and login in to Prezi by clicking "Create" or the "Login" buttons at the top of the screen.

Getting Started

1. To create a Prezi, click on the "New Prezi" button. 

Make a new Prezi 

Or, if you would like to work on an existing Prezi, hover over it and select "Edit" in the lower right corner of the preview. 

Edit existing Prezi

2. After the new Prezi loads, either select "Blank" to start with a blank canvas or select one of the given templates. 
Click "Choose." 

Choose blank template

Using the Toolbar

When creating your Prezi, you will use the Menu Bar (from left to right) to: Insert images, symbols & shapes, diagrams, YouTube videos, background music, files (pdf or video), and PowerPoints; and to chose a Template, theme, or to customize/edit the current theme. 

Arranging Content

Arranging Content

Moving, Adjusting and Rearranging Content

Content (shapes, images, frames, etc.) is now adjusted using the Transformation Tool.  You are using the Transformation Tool when a blue box appears around an object you are working with in your Prezi.

The [+] increases the size and the [-] decreases the size.  The [hand] allows you to move the ojbect

Increase or decrease size

To rotate the object, hover over one of the square corners until the rotate arrow appears:

Rotate the object

To delete the object click the trash can button labeled [Delete] above the blue box. 

Adding Text?

Click anywhere on the Prezi canvas to add text.  

Add text  

When you are adding your own text, it defaults to "Body" text.  You can change this by highlighting your text and selecting [Title] or [Subtitle].  The appearance of the text depends on the chosen template and theme.  

You can increase or decrease the size of the text using the [A] buttons.  The [>] arrow button offers additional formatting like bullets, centering, right and left align.  


If you are using a template, replace "Click to add text" with your text.

Click to add text

Adding Video?

Insert video

Two way to insert video into Prezi.  Click "Media" and select one of the following:

From File: Upload a video from your computer.  Size is limited to 50MB.  Many file formats are accepted (.mov, .mpg, .wmv, etc.).  The FLV format is suggested.   

From YouTube:  Add the link to a YouTube video.  You will need an Internet connection to play YouTube videos when presenting.  

See Prezi's Inserting Video Files for more details on either of these options.  


Once inserted, you can move and re-size video files with the Transformation Tool just like you can manipulate images and text.  

Re-size video

Adding Images?

Insert image

Two ways to insert images into Prezi.  Click "images" and select one of the following:

Insert image from computer


From Google Image Search: After selecting, a search box will appear.  Search for the image you would like to add to your Prezi.  Hit enter or click the magnifying glass to search.  The results will appear on your canvas (see below).  You can scroll through and select the image you would like to add.  Hit enter once you pick an image.  

From Your Computer: After selecting, click "Select Files" and pick an image from your computer to insert.  Prezi currently accepts .JPG and .PNG formats with a maximum size of 2880 x 2880 pixels.  If your JPG images is larger than the specified size, Prezi will ask you to re-size your image.   

Re-size image

You can adjust images using the Transformation Tool.  After you have inserted an image, you can [Crop] or [Delete] the image if necessary using the Transformation Tool.  You can also rotate or re-size the image.

Crop or delete image

Presenting Content

Presenting Content

Presenting Your Prezi

Prezi offers many different presentations options to fit your needs!

  • Download: portable because it downloads everything you need to present into a neat Prezi folder!
  • Presenting Online: login to Prezi and present from your web browser.
  • Presenting Online (Remotely): share designated link with up to 30 others, who will follow you through the presentation.

homepage of prezi presentation.

This screen appears when you click on a Prezi from "Your Prezis" and offers all the different ways to present!  You can also present from the "Edit Mode" as illustrated below. 

General Presentation Tips:

  • Select the "Full Screen" Option in the bottom right corner to present in full screen mode. 
  • Move through the presentation using the arrow keys! 
  • Zoom in and out using the scroll of the mouse.  Click the arrow to get back on track!

Portable Prezi Presentation

Downloading a Prezi to present in an offline format is as easy as clicking the "Download" button!

download a prezi.

Once you select "Export to..." and click "download", your request is processed: 

packaging download of the prezi.

Next, you will be prompted to download the Prezi to your computer.  Please follow your system dialog to appropriately download and save the file.  

download complete for prezi.

Once un-zipped (generally done by double clicking on the zipped file), inside the folder double-click on "Prezi" to start your presentation. If you have added YouTube videos via a web link, you will need Internet access when presenting your prezi.

Choose Prezi to start presentation

NOTE: If moving to a flashdrive or another location, be sure to move the entire folder becuase it contains the flash element needed to run the presentation.    

From "Edit" Mode:

You may also download your Prezi from the "Edit" mode: 

alternation download.

Presenting Online

Presenting Online is another easy option if you have internet access! 

present prezi online.

Simply select "Present Online" OR click the "Full Screen" button to enter full-screen presentation mode. 

Click "Start Presenting"

If you select "Present Online", click "Start Presenting" (option number 2) to begin the presentation!

From "Edit" Mode:

You can also present your Prezi online from the "Edit" mode by clicking "Present":

Click "Present"


Remote Presentation

Presenting remotely online is yet another option! Select "Present Online" and share the link with your audience!

Present online

From the "Edit" Mode:

Select "Share" and "Start online presentation":

Start online presentation

A link will be generated.  See details in the image below for how to use the link:

Create a Prezi link