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ENGL 1301-Sallee: Charity Assignment

The purpose of this guide is to provide students of instructor Sallee's ENGL 1301 course with links to resources that may be useful based on her assignment.

Charity Assignment

Selected Resources

The descriptions below are taken from the sites themselves.  

Evaluating a good Charity Evaluator:

  1. Click on about to find out what the mission or bent of the organization is to help determine if there is any type of bias in their evaluations.  GuideStar says that it is neutral.
  2. Where are they getting their information?
    • Reliable third parties like the IRS or
    • Information from the charity itself
  3. Find out the methodology each charity evaluator site uses to evaluate the charities:

Use more than one site to help verify each other.  If they are all rating the charity on a consistent basis then you know it is either good or bad or both.

  1. Where to give? Find a charity that is aligned with your values that you are passionate about.
  2. Is the Charity Effective? Does the charity effectively carry out its mission?  Check annual reports, the websites above, etc.  Does it accomplish what it sets out to do?
  3. Is the Charity Efficient? What percentage of money received goes to the programs and are their goals specific enough to be measured.
  4. What is the Charity’s Capacity?  Does the charity have enough resources to accomplish their mission?  Is it well positioned for the long haul?  Examine: revenue growth, program expenses growth, and working capital ratios.
  5. Are the Charity’s Truth Claims Factual?  Does the information on the charity’s website and annual report match up with their IRS 990 forms.
  6. Red flags to be aware of: 
  • ​​​​The charity is not transparent
  • Basic information about the salary of the CEO is not available.
  • The CEO has too high of a salary
  • Any lawsuits
  • Whenever a charity tries to hook you through emotional appeals, pressures you for an immediate decision or asks for cash.

Scharold, Kristen, “Which Charity Should I Give To?” Christianity Today, v. 52, no. 12, Dec. 2008 


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