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Works Published by Lee College Employees: Books

Books published by Current and Former Lee Employees

Acres, Ethan. The Sermons of Reverend Ethan Acres. SmartArt Press, 2001.

Adams, Dale. Film Study in the Discipline of English, 1911-1971[Publisher not identified], 1976.

Britt, John, and Muriel Tyssen. Baytown Vignettes: One and Fifty Years in the History of a Texas Gulf Coast Community. Lee College, 1992.

--. A Guide to Regional Research. Lee College, 1989.

Bushart, Howard, et al.  Soldiers of God: White Supremacists and Their Holy War for America.  Kensington, 1998.

Gos, Michael. Brackish Aquariums.  T.F.H. Publications, 1979.

--. Doves. T.F.H. Publications, 1981.

--. Lories. T.F.H. Publications, 1981.

--. Shade of the Gumbo-Limbo.  [Independently Published], 2019.

--. Texas Meditations: thoughts and essays on life in the Lone Star Nation. [Independently Published], 2019.

--. Unwelcome guests: Working Class Students in the American College and University. [Independently Published], 2019.

--. Waxbills. T.F.H. Publications, 1981.

Maroney, James and George Green. Heritage of Texas Labor, 1838-1980. Texas AFL-CIO, 1982.

Maroney, James and Bruce A. Glasrund, editors. Texas Labor History. Texas A & M University, 2013.

Rundell, WalterLee College: By the People, For the PeopleLee College, 1972.

Schultz, Clarence, editor.  Family Perspectives: a Sociological Reader. Xerox Individual Pubs., 1975.

Such, GeorgeWhere the Body Lives. Tiger's Eye Press, 2018.

Turner, AbrahmMy So-Called Life, It's My Turn to Speak. My So-Called Life, It's My Turn to Speak, 2017.

Umez, Bedford N"Educated" to Feel Inferior: Harsh Realities of Low Self EsteemMorris Publishing, 2004.

--. Nigeria: Real Problems, Real Solutions. Umez, 2000.

--. The Tragedy of a Value System in Nigeria: Theories and Solutions.  International Scholars, 1999.

--. Your Excellency: a Letter to Nigerian Leaders. Morris Publishing, 2005.

Willard, Cheryl. Statistical Methods: a Worktext Approach. Routledge, 2016.