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How to use the Lightboard at Lee College


Hi welcome to the instruction page for the Looking Glass at Lee College. You will need a high capacity, 16GB or more USB drive in order to record material from the Looking Glass. Please bring an unused USB drive or one that you are able to format when you meet at the Looking Glass. Training will take ten minutes and from there you are ready to record. Make sure you also bring any Word documents or PowerPoints you wish to use on the USB, as well.

The Looking Glass is very easy to use. After a few minutes of instruction, you'll be good to go. Just remember your USB drive.

Note: The campus and Looking Glass will only be available this week on Wednesday and Thursday, until further notice. So you can only book appointments for this Wednesday and Thursday.  Will Mayer will meet you onsite at the ATC 1st Floor/Library for the appointment.


You can book an appointment to use the Looking Glass HERE.


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Looking Glass Instructions

Instructions for using the Looking Glass @ Lee:


Turn on the Camera and monitor.

Turn on the switch on the surge protector on the front of the Looking Glass table.

Adjust the lighting and dimmer switch on the Looking Glass, if necessary.

Adjust the height of the looking glass by using the up and down arrow buttons on the lip of the looking glass desk (found on the right side when facing the camera).

Insert your USB into the video control box underneath the laptop.

Press the record button on the video control box to begin (The record button is the button with a circle on it). The button will flash red. It is now recording.

To stop the recording press the button next to the record button with a green square on it.

Remove your USB. Turn off the camera, monitor and surge protector.

Advanced Instructions:

On the video control box, to use the picture in picture mode or side by side mode with the laptop use the Layout Presets button and use the adjust < > knob to change the viewing options. You can read the selections on the video control box. Select Next to change the picture mode.

If you need help, email Will Mayer,

Distance & E-Resources Librarian

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Will Mayer