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Careers, Occupations and Test Prep: Choosing a career

What criteria should you use to decide on a career?

  • Working conditions:  do they match the kind of life you want to live?
    • What are the hours?
    • How long are the workweeks?
    • Will you get benefits or time off?
    • What are the physical requirements of the job?
    • What is the usual pay?
    • How stressful will it be?
  • How stable is the industry?  Is it expected to expand or contract in the future?
  • Are there jobs available in your community, or will you have to move?
  • What type of education is required?
  • What kind of tasks can you expect to spend your day doing?

Career Aptitude Tests

Learn about careers first-hand

Cambridge Q&A Professional Advice Videos: Includes over 200 videos of people in various careers describing their jobs.  

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