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Academic Honesty & ChatGPT : Assignments Using ChatGPT

Set of Assignments that use and embrace ChatGPT

  1. The students’ five shorter essays (at least 500 words in length must include 4 parts:
  • Detailed prompt input into ChatGPT
  • The text generated from ChatGPT
  • An essay that builds on the ChatGPT foundation supplemented with additional research that must be cited in a bibliography
  • A list of corrections, revisions and additions that the students made in producing the reworked essay.

We will devote time in class to discuss the text that ChaptGPT produced, including its strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Dual Assignments
    1. Give students a choice between two versions of the same assignment. One version for those that want to use chatGPT and one for those who don’t.
    2. For those who choose to use chatGPT, they have to submit their prompt(s) and the chatGPT output. Using Track Changes in MS Word or Suggesting in Google Docs, have students add depth, clarify misinformation, offer alternative perspectives, and make other improvements to the chatGPT output.
    3. For those who choose to complete the assignment without chatGPT, they should complete the assignment and sign a statement that chatGPT was not used. 
    4. Grade both assignments on how well students illustrate their depth of knowledge through either (a) their changes to chatGPT’s output, or (b) their original writing.  (Mintz, 2023).