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Lee College Nursing Journals

You can set up a "journal alert" with  most of the Lee College electronic nursing journals.  Once you've set the alert, you will get an email each time a new issue is available including links to read the articles.

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Medical Subject Headings

Most article databases in the medical and nursing fields use a set of phrases created by the National Library of Medicine to describe the subjects of articles and books.  

  • This set of terms is called Medical Subject Headings or MeSH
  • You will most likely have better luck finding articles on your topic if you search using phrases from the Medical Subject Heading list.

Medical Subject Headings logo

  Use the MeSH Browser to find phrases from the Medical Subject Headings to create more successful searches for articles. 

For instance, if you enter the term "Heart Attack" into the browser and click "Full Word Search," the results show that you should use the term "Myocardial Infarction" instead.