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Faculty Online Migration LibGuide: Communicating with Students

This LibGuide is chock full of resources that will help you migrate your courses to an online environment.

Ways to Communicate with Your Students

Using Google Voice

How to Use Google Voice: make and receive calls to your students without disclosing your personal phone number

  • Creates a new phone number that you can use to make and receive calls, texts and voicemail via phone or computer
  • Allows you to forward calls to your new Google Voice number to your personal phone, without allowing callers to see your personal phone number.
  • Free service
  • Allows you to record your own voicemail message
  • Google Voice does transcribe voice messages, so it is best to ask callers not to leave sensitive information on VM.  

You will need to setup Google Voice over the internet first. Then you will need to install the app on your phone to make calls out with the number. You will have to use the Google Voice app to make outbound calls with your Google Phone number.


How to setup Google Voice (with pictures)

How to setup Google Voice (from Google, without Pictures)

How to setup Google Voice on your computer (Video)

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