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Faculty Online Migration LibGuide: Video Streaming and Recording

This LibGuide is chock full of resources that will help you migrate your courses to an online environment.


This is a guide outlining library resources for videos to place in Blackboard or to link to YouTube. There are also tutorials and examples of how to record your own videos, edit those videos and upload and share them. Feel free to contact Will Mayer at if you have any questions.


Library Video & Image Resources



Films on Demand

Films on Demand provides immediate access to over 6000 streaming videos from Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Cambridge Educational, NBC News, ABC News, PBS, BBC, Meridian, and others.


Kanopy is an award-winning video streaming service providing access to more than 30,000 independent and documentary films ─  titles of unique social and cultural value from The Criterion Collection, The Great Courses, Media Education Foundation, and thousands of independent filmmakers. It is very easy to embed Kanopy films in your courses.



Over 2 million images, all rights cleared for use in class and assignments.  The online resource with over two million images from some of the best collections in the world, including Britannica, Dorling Kindersley, Getty Images, the National Portrait Gallery of London, National Geographic, Oxford Scientific and more than 45 other leading names. All images are rights-cleared for educational use, so your students and faculty can have confidence using them in class or in their assignments. Free from advertising and from trustworthy sources, Image Quest provides safe and fast access to the highest quality images in every subject including art, history, and science.

Lee College Training Videos

Here is a link to many in house Lee College training videos

How to Upload And Share Videos

How to Upload and Share Videos:

With YouTube

How-To YouTube Video:  This video shares how to create a YouTube Channel. It also includes how to; upload your own videos to YouTube, auto caption your videos, edit the auto-captions, create playlists, and share your videos and/or playlist in Blackboard for students. An important step in the creation of your YouTube Channel is to verify your account to be able to upload videos longer than 5 minutes. Either login to the email account you are using for your channel and look for a verification email from YouTube or go to the following link to verify you are a real person!

With ShareStream (in BlackBoard)

How to Stream and Record Video


Best for Streaming and Recording

WebEx Meeting Software:

WebEx is a powerful online meeting tool that automatically records meetings. You can also record your meetings in the cloud and send out links to students.  The links below will explain how. You will need a license to use WebEx Meetings. Contact IT to request a WebEx License.

For help with WebEx training please contact Will Mayer at If you are having technical issues with WebEx please contact the Helpdesk at or at 281.425.6952.

WebEx Meeting download instructions (to use after you have received your license):

Complete WebEx Meetings Guide

How to Host a WebEx Meeting (Video)

Recording a WebEx Meeting

Breakout Groups in WebEx Meeting

How to use a virtual background in WebEX

Lee College WebEx Site

Lee College WebEx Tools Download 

WebEx for Students/Attendees 

WebEx App for Mobile Devices

WebEx LeeStreams Recorded Training



Blackboard Collaborate:

Blackboard Collaborate is a great tool the we already have access to at Lee College. It's fairly easy to record within Blackboard Collaborate, but the hard part is finding the file afterwards. Here are instructions.

Recording and Finding the Recording with Blackboard Collaborate

Moderating Blackboard Collaborate Sessions



How to Remove your Background with Chromacam:

Chromacam is free software that lets you remove your background from your video recording or in live mode, such as Collaborate. WebEx and Zoom now have this feature built into their programs. The basic version is free, but has a watermark. It's very easy to use just install the software and when starting your video app, choose Chromacam as your video source. The software will load and you can select your virtual Greenscreen.

Download ChromaCam

ChromoCam Video Tutorial


Best for Desktop Recording

With Open Broadcasting Software (OBS):

OBS is a free, open source method for screen capturing. It's able to completely capture your screen and everything you do on it and record a video that is compatible with YouTube and BlackBoard.

This short video will explain how to download and setup OBS software.  OBS is free and available at

Note the video will appear in your Videos folder with a date and time stamp as its name. 

OBS Software Video

Recap of Video:

Download and install OBS software.

After installation it will ask you if you want to do automatic setup, select yes and make sure you select the choice 'Optimize for Recording'.

Go to File->Settings->Output and change the recording format to mp4. This step makes sure it works with YouTube and BlackBoard.

On the bottom section of OBS is the Sources. You will need to use the + button to add two new sources. You will select + Audio Input Capture and change the default to the microphone you are using. Then you will select + Display Capture to add your screen.

That's for setup.

Now to start recording, hit the 'Start Recording' button in the bottom right hand corner. Minimize OBS, do your lesson. It will record everything on your screen. When you are done, just go back to OBS and hit the 'Stop Recording' Button. The video will appear in your Videos folder and will be date and time stamped.

OBS Quick start Guide Link

How to Edit your Video

There are a variety of video editing software packages available out there. Camtasia is a great option. It's not free, though. A great option if you want free video editing software is OpenShot and HitFilms Express. OpenShot is easier to use. HitFilms is more powerful, but has a higher learning curve. If you just want to do something simple like add a title page or are new to video editing start with OpenShot.  If you want to recreate the Title Scene from Avatar, but with monkeys, use HItFilms Express.

With OpenShot (Easier):

Download OneShot here.

Getting Started with OpenShot part One

Getting Started with OpenShot part Two

Captioning with OpenShot

OpenShot Documentation (including Titles)


With HitFilms Express (Advanced):

How to download and install HitFilms Express

Download it from the link it sends you. After you've installed HitFilms Express, just login to activate the product.

Getting Started with HitFilms Express

Distance & E-Resources Librarian

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Will Mayer

Using Google Voice

How to Use Google Voice: make and receive calls to your students without disclosing your personal phone number

  • Creates a new phone number that you can use to make and receive calls, texts and voicemail via phone or computer
  • Allows you to forward calls to your new Google Voice number to your personal phone, without allowing callers to see your personal phone number.
  • Free service
  • Allows you to record your own voicemail message
  • Google Voice does transcribe voice messages, so it is best to ask callers not to leave sensitive information on VM.  

You will need to setup Google Voice over the internet first. Then you will need to install the app on your phone to make calls out with the number. You will have to use the Google Voice app to make outbound calls with your Google Phone number.


How to setup Google Voice (with pictures)

How to setup Google Voice (from Google, without Pictures)

How to setup Google Voice on your computer (Video)

If you require further assistance, Please contact Will Mayer at