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Resources for Students: Blackboard Help

What is Blackboard?

Lee College uses Blackboard Learn as its Learning Management System (LMS).  It is an online product that you will use to access assignments and materials for your courses at Lee. 

Each one of your courses will have its own Blackboard page, which you will be able to access through your account once you are enrolled and the class has begun.  You will use Blackboard to:

  • Access your course syllabus
  • Communicate with your professor
  • Access your course assignments
  • View your grades

Depending on your class, your professor may also use Blackboard to:

  • Provide access to course readings and/ or online videos required for class
  • Host class discussions either in person (streaming video) or through a class discussion board
  • Give quizzes and / or tests
  • Provide access to tutorials

Because so much of your coursework will involve using Blackboard, it is important to log in to your Blackboard account and check your course pages several times per week.

Getting Started with Your Course

Following are instructions for commonly used Blackboard functions.

Blackboard Orientation Course

Blackboard Orientation Course:

All students are enrolled in a Blackboard orientation course. Login to begin the Blackboard Student Orientation.

It is set up like a course to help you become familiar with a possible layout and tools that your instructor could use in Blackboard. Once you login to Blackboard, you will see a module named My Courses. The Orientation course will be listed there. 

The topics that are covered in the course are: 

  • Introduction to Blackboard
  • Navigating Blackboard Learn
  • Navigating a Learn Original Course
  • Communicating in Blackboard Learn
  • Submitting work in Blackboard Learn
  • Tracking your performance in Blackboard Learn

How Do I Log In to Blackboard?

There are two ways to log in to Blackboard:

Lee logins page


Use your Lee College student ID  (same as your LC email before the @) and password (same as your Lee email password), to log in.

What is my Username?

The user name is typically made up of the 1st two letters of your first name + 1st two letters of your last name + your complete student ID number (including leading zeros).

What is my Password?

Your default password will be the letters Stu# followed by the four-digit year of your birth.

For example, Mary Smith, student ID# 0101010, born in 2001 would be:

  • Username: MASM0101010
  • Password: Stu#2001

Where can I get more help with my login and password?

If you can't remember your Lee College password, you can reset using the link on the "Look up user ID/reset password" link on the MyLC Campus page or contact the IT Helpdesk at 281-425-6952 or


Secondary Blackboard login:

If the Lee College BB authentication system is down, users should still be able to access Blackboard by going directly to the Lee College Blackboard login at and using the “Sign in with third party account” button which is located just below the regular login boxes.

Blackboard login page

This method uses the Office 365 information to log you into Blackboard.  Full instructions are available in the downloadable document below.

Learn More

Downloadable Guides

What Technology is Required?

For the greatest success, you should have:

  • An up-to-date computer
  • High speed internet connection
  • At least 2 browsers installed on your computer
    • PC users: Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.  Internet Explorer is NOT recommended.  
    • Mac users: Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome
      • Safari users should use their browser settings to set Cookies to "Never Block."
  • Set the pop-up blockers in the browsers to allow pop-up from Blackboard (

If your instructor requires you to participate in a Blackboard Collaborate session (a live streaming video class or meeting), you should also have:

  • A webcam
  • Microphone and speakers or a headset
  • A quiet room
  • Adequate lighting so your class can see you on video

Mobile Access

Access the app for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store

  • The app is called "Blackboard" and the developer is "Blackboard, Inc."  The icon looks like this:
  • Image of Blackboard icon in Google Play


For additional Blackboard assistance, please first contact:

  • myLC Helpdesk: 281-425-6952

Additional assistance:

  • Paula Lee: 281-425-6285